Treatment Planning


On-Demand Dosimetry

What do you do to prevent dosimetry staffing issues from impacting your ability to manage patient volume? D3 has the solution: On-Demand Dosimetry. Manage temporary dosimetrist vacancies or peak treatment planning volume with a partner that has developed more than 20,000 treatment plans. D3’s in-house team of highly experienced, certified medical dosimetrists – supported by our board certified medical physicists – can develop your center’s treatment plans on an on-demand basis. What’s more, if your center needs help in developing more complex treatment plans, D3 stands ready to assist you.


■ Planning for a variety of treatment modalities such as 3D, IMRT, RapidArc, SRS/SBRT, and TrueBeam™

■ Support on a variety of leading treatment planning system platforms such as Eclipse and Pinnacle

■ Quick turn-around time

■ Physics and dosimetry support, including on-site dosimetry support

■ Seamless transfers of planning data between D3 and your clinic

■ Radiation oncologist consults and contouring of normal structures on request


■ Simplifies management of dosimetry needs during staff vacancies

■ Efficient, cost-effective planning support during peaks in patient volume

■ Prevents backlogs of treatment plans

■ Reduces patient wait time

■ Cost savings versus adding full-time dosimetrist

■ Collaborative, real-time assistance with complex treatment plans

Click here for the Treatment Planning fact sheet.