Clinical Training


Optimize the Value of Technology


Cancer centers strive to accelerate and optimize the application of advanced technologies to ensure that patients are treated safely, efficiently and effectively. D3 has the solution: training in all major radiation therapy technologies – including RapidArc, SBRT, SRS, and IGRT.

With D3, you have an expert clinical resource in the use of advanced technologies. D3’s training is led by a highly experienced team of ABR board certified and Ph.D. medical physicists who maintain clinical rotations at the UPMC Cancer Centers. You can count on D3 to help you prepare for, and make the best use of, the newest technologies in your practice.

With D3, you have an expert resource in all advanced technologies, including Varian TrueBeam™ and more.

Vendor training and consultation focuses on the operation of technology. D3 focuses on assisting clinicians with optimizing the clinical application of technologies to improve quality and workflow efficiency. D3 provides training for all members of the clinical team. Our core training and workshops are CE accredited for physicians, physicists and dosimetrists.

You can count on D3 to help your practice prepare for, and make the best use of, the newest technologies. D3 accelerates the optimization of your clinical practices and applications of advanced technologies.


  • Covers technologies and topics relevant to your practice
  • Includes training on clinical processes, such as patient selection
  • Employs current learning principles – hands-on training, didactics and web-based interactive sessions
  • Programs offer remote treatment plans, peer reviews, and physician consultation services
  • D3’s training validates your staff’s new core competencies


  • Optimizes the clinical application of technology
  • Shortens the learning curve for the use of technology by your staff
  • Accelerates integration of new and advanced treatment modalities in workflow
  • Ensures that new and advanced treatment modalities are used for the most appropriate patient types
  • Supports implementation of changes in clinical processes
  • Enables center to treat complex cases
  • CE credits 

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