Trust D3’s Expertise and Experience

Commissioning a new linear accelerator is complex, involved and time consuming. From the acceptance testing and data collection to the modeling and validation it all has to be done with high accuracy and precision.

D3 Oncology Solutions offers two options for commissioning: full-service and facilitated. With either option, D3 takes a collaborative, consultative approach and works closely with you to undertake a rigorous, thorough commissioning methodology.

Additionally, only D3 supports commissioning with our proprietary data management software tool. This unique software application is designed to minimize errors associated with the collection and management of physics data during linear accelerator commissioning.


  • Flexible levels of commissioning support – full-service and facilitated
  • Collaborative approach, rigorous methodology
  • Commissioning completed by D3 board certified physicists with 20+ years of experience
  • Exclusively for D3 clients, our unique data management software validates the accuracy of commissioning scans in real time
  • Assistance with calibration of QA equipment related to new technologies
  • Detailed commissioning report and data book provided


  • Commissioning completed quickly, expertly and accurately
  • Planning systems models validated to prevent systemic errors
  • Calibration of QA equipment safeguards patients
  • No downtime for your physicists who stay focused on their full-time duties

 Click here for the Commissioning fact sheet.