Mission Statement

The mission of D3 Oncology Solutions is to develop and deliver leading edge solutions that accelerate the quality, safety, efficiency, and outcomes of the care of cancer patients at medical and radiation oncology centers around the world.

Accelerating Excellence in Oncology

The future of medical and radiation oncology practices belongs to those that achieve and sustain excellence in quality, safety, efficiency, and outcomes. Practices that achieve it will be in the best position to deliver the highest level of care, secure inclusion in payer networks, and negotiate preferential reimbursement.
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D3 – Experience You Can Count On.

With unmatched expertise for more than a decade, D3 has assisted hundreds of cancer centers in the United States and internationally in delivering advanced radiation therapy. D3’s solutions are guided by close collaboration with leading radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and medical physicists at UPMC and UPMC CancerCenter. From flexible options for linear accelerator commissioning, training such as SABRE and motion management and radiation treatment planning, D3’s suite of solutions accelerate excellence in the delivery of cancer care. D3 is an affiliate of UPMC, an integrated global health enterprise headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and one of the leading health systems in the United States.
Upcoming Events:
2017 SABRE Training
May 17-19, 2017
July 19-21, 2017
September 6-8, 2017
November 15-17, 2017

2017 Respiratory Motion
Management Training
May 11-12, 2017
September 21-22, 2017
October 19-20, 2017

SATRO (Orlando, FL)
May 18-19, 2017

AAPM (Denver, CO)
July 30-August 3, 2017

ASTRO (San Diego, CA)
September 24-27, 2017